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Add Colours To Your Life

For as long as we can remember we’ve loved nothing more than getting away from it all and creating something truly special. It’s a chance to let your artistic creativity run free, add colour to your life, and enjoy the process every step of the way.

The only problem is it’s sometimes hard to find the spark of inspiration or extra drop of artistic talent that makes the journey possible; until now…

At MeTime Art we set out to introduce everyone here in Malaysia to the pure joy of painting by numbers.

Metime Art Painting by numbers small kits

Pure Joy 

Painting by numbers is an approach to mindfulness and artistic expression that’s popular in so many corners of the world, and our passion lies in introducing it here too.

With a unique combination of continuous support and step-by-step guidance, our kits allow you to turn a humble canvas into your very own personal masterpiece.

The result is a creative journey that sets you free, inspires you, and gives you something you can be proud to call your own.

When it’s time to get truly creative, we wouldn’t have it any other way. Just what you want to hear when it’s time to start colouring your life in your own signature way.

What Customers Say About MeTime Art

  • Purchased one because of MCO and now I'm hooked! Great customer service as well as quality of the paint and printing. Thank you thank you thank you!

    Melissa Myra Avatar Melissa Myra

    They replied to the questions I asked patiently. Besides that, they delivered the goods quickly and received in good conditions. I’m enjoying with the painting now! 😍😍

    Yeong Jacqueline Avatar Yeong Jacqueline

    Thoroughly recommend this, perfect for beginners like me. I completed one and straightaway ordered another two. Really good quality as well. It comes in a frame and hooks are provided too!

    JuVin See Avatar JuVin See
  • My first time buying from MeTime Art and the interaction I had with summer was great!. Very accommodating with requests and quick with responses. The packages were wrapped very well and everything was intact. They have a delivery system for you to track your package which is of course helpful. 10/10 will purchase from this place again.

    Gary Tee Avatar Gary Tee

    I received the parcel in good condition. It was well wrapped and everything MeTime said that would be included was inside. I can't wait to start painting over the weekend.

    Julia Ng Avatar Julia Ng

    I bought 2 40x50 kits and 3 20x20 kits (with 1 free 20x20 kit due to a promo). I also bought an easel for easier painting. Love that the free delivery was super fast in just 1 day! The seller even texted me to inform me that they are sending the package over which I find courteous and a nice touch. Also love the canvas texture and that they are all framed, makes it easy to paint. I don’t have any worry of finishing the paint provided as they were in abundance, and the assurance from the seller in clear step-by-step instruction is very helpful! Love that they include advanced steps too! Some of the paint-by-numbers kits I bought (the 40x50 ones) had an extra sheet of paper which acts like a guide which was also very helpful for me in the case that I accidentally paint over a space with the wrong colour. Overall, very satisfied with my purchase from this shop and I will definitely come back for a repeat! Hopefully, more choices to come soon especially for place, nature and flowers categories. Thank you so much!

    Sarini B Avatar Sarini B
  • I made an order a week ago for two paintings and an easel. They were delivered so quickly and they responded just as speedily to an inquiry I had regarding my package. The quality is top notch and my experience with them has been pleasant. Will definitely order more from here 🙂

    cath tangau Avatar cath tangau

    Addictive! Can't wait to get more new pieces. Summer was very prompt in replies and am so glad to have stumbled upon the FB ad. Brb.Will be browsing for my next masterpiece! ☺️

    Janet Siow Avatar Janet Siow

    Good responsive communication by email, which helped determine the picture quality. The product was received in about 3 weeks, as they promised, is packaged well and looks great. Now to paint!

    Steven Smith Avatar Steven Smith

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